This bright and natural smelling citrus begins with a top note of orange Valencia, bergamot tea and plum wine. The heart combines jasmine, violet, lavender and orange flowers. The dry down is a clean citrus musk.

Reuse this beautiful container for a candle, terrarium, or canister – endless possibilities. 

Due to high shipping and handling costs, this item is only available in our boutique. If you would like to purchase in bulk – please contact us for more info.


10 oz.
Sold Individually

Material Type : 2mm glass and copper
Capacity : 10 oz
Burn Rate : 50 Hrs
Wax : 100% Soy
Diameter : 3.0″
Height : 5.0″

Candle holds ten ounces of wax for approximately 50 hours of burn time. Hand poured and filled with 100% soy wax with zero additives.