Spot treatment for blemishes to draw out blockages while nourishing skin for repair.  Safe for any skin type.



Volcanic ash (Bentonite Clay) from ancient volcanic eruptions in Wyoming is a powerful tool in drawing and binding impurities.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is a botanical source to kill the bacteria on your skin, which will help to clear and aid in healing blemishes.

Safflower Oil is a non-comedogenic oil (rating of zero: meaning it won’t clog pores) that hydrates so your skin doesn’t send an overproduction of oil to compensate for cleaning out the pore.

The combination will treat the blemish immediately and gently, allowing your skin to repair the damaged area instead of stripping it fast with a chemical cocktail that can produce scabs and scars.

Use: As Needed
Skin Type: For all skin types
Sold Individually

Directions: Apply a small amount as needed for blemish/acne.  

Maker: Nash & Jones